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We have observed that most people today face the same three challenges: time pressure, financial pressure and unbalanced work and family life.

This is commonly expressed within the workplace as resentment, rage, sabotage, inactivity, resistance, unhappiness, criticism, judgements, internal rivalry, anti-leadership and much more negative behaviour.

Get this very clear, you cannot manipulate the law of cause and effect.

The law is very clear: “What you do determines the result you experience”. In other words, you cannot escape the consequences of your actions . However, the good news is that you can choose to act differently at any time and avoid the negative consequences you are experiencing today.

We are all aware that the more often you repeat behaviour the stronger the habit and the easier it becomes to repeat it. It ends up being automatic and many times unconscious. Hence, it is all about choices and how you perceived situations and the way you had responded to those situations.

Once again, there is no quick-fix formula, nor do you need any self help book or spend money on external consultants. You yourself are very aware of what you are doing and the negative consequences those actions have created.

Notwithstanding, you will certainly need a facilitator to help you go through a process that will help you build more effective habits and support you during the transition period. We are such persons.

What you need to overcome is your inertia to get your butt off the chair and start doing those things that will bring you the experiences you want.

The 90/10 riddle applies here:” only 10% of the people are, doing and have 90% of what they want”. How come this is true? Well, very simply, because 90% of the people just TALK about their miseries in life and how they are victims of their circumstances, whilst the other 10% of the people are fully engaged in actions that lead them to what they want. As one of these people said it bluntly: “I am too busy building up my own happiness and enjoying the process. I have no time to complain or moan about my fate in life, my setbacks or

The sad thing is that the former group of talkers, gather around a bar counter to chat with people whom also belong to the 90% group and mutually reinforce their perception of fatal fate and victimhood. Unwillingly, these large proportions of people persist in resisting ACTION.

This vicious circle is broken lose when you commit to stop doing those thing that no longer work for you and begin to do those new things that will support you in attaining that which you want. Many people fall short because they learn new ways of doing things and yet do no apply them. All their good notes and books usually
end up collecting dust on an expensive bookshelf at the office.

You can reprogramme yourself any time you choose so by either looking into your perceptions, beliefs, state of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental) and behaviours.

There are plenty of opportunities to shift. The 10% Club of successful people is looking to expand its membership and invites you to join them. You will require clarity, focus, action and endurance until attaining your goals. And remember to CELEBRATE ALL YOUR VICTORIES ALONG THE PROCESS.

Marcos Cajina

Marcos Cajina


Marcos has a compelling blend of intelligence, insight, humor, and experience that supports clients bridge the difference between understanding and doing.

He brings conceptual rigour and efficient support to the learning engagement. The focus of his work is to help leaders improve performance and well-being.

A provocateur and a challenger, clients, have multiplied their effectiveness in many different ways.