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Developing agility, resilience, capacity, consciousness

Our Mission

Healthy Individuals in Healthy Organisations.


Our Focus:

Redefining business performance through the enhancement of collective well-being.

Redefining business performance

We are not interested in raising productivity and profitability at the cost of personal health and societal toxicity. Renewal only engages with leaders and organizations who want to upgrade their leadership footprint and establish human-centric leadership. We help optimize physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being as the core of supporting engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

We focus on sustainable behavioural change

Different results require different behaviours. We are not consultants or therapists. Instead, renewal focuses solely on transformational leadership learning experiences and guided individualized support that helps executives mature and grow.

Clients see as a reliable and experienced

Since 2004, we have helped over 30k clients in 100+ organisations in 17 industries, and 31 countries across four continents get the best learning experience for their specific developmental needs.

Enhancement of collective well-being

Renewal applies principles of human science in developing five fundamental tenents for a more human-centred organization:

1. Organizational Resilience:

Helping executives reach a higher level of consciousness from which to solve the pressing problems organizations face.

2. Cultivation of High-Quality Relationships: 

Applying the science of safety that improves human connection, social cohesion, and collective support at work.

3. Developing Well-Being:

Restoring health, longevity, and performance with scientific-based routines that enhance mental power and emotional stability.

4. Exploring the Play Zone: 

Learning the principles that foster social engagement, play, and true collaboration in teams.

5. Thriving not just Surviving::

Using the power of psychological safety to accelerate innovation and adaptation.

Want to grow and transform?