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Developing agility, resilience, capacity, consciousness

Our Mission: Facilitating leaders translate competency mastery and leadership maturity into sustainable behavioural change that improves business performance and collective well-being

1. Facilitating leaders

Renewal only engages with leaders and organizations who want to upgrade their leadership footprint. Renewal delivers and supports the learning journey of individuals and teams using research-based tools, refined techniques, and practical support. This clearly limits the bounds of what we do and with whom we engage. We are not in the business of perpetuating the status-quo.

2. Translate competency mastery and leadership maturity

Introducing the Practice of Leadership Convergence®, clients combine the simultaneous development of the inner and outer dimensions of leadership. Renewal emphasizes the need to master new competencies while increasing leadership maturity to dramatically elevate well-being and performance

3. Into sustainable behavioural change

Different results requires different behaviours .

We are not consultants nor therapists. Renewal focuses solely on transformational leadership learning experiences via workshops, lectures, and conversational intelligence.

4. Improves business performance and well-being

Practicing Leadership Convergence® multiplies the probability of improving business performance, individual health, and collective wellness. We are not interested in raising productivity and profitability at the cost of personal health, and societal toxicity.

Renewal is a reliable, experienced, international leadership learning provider that has helped clients get the best learning experience for their specific developmental need in 13 industries, 27 countries, and four continents.

Want to grow and transform?