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The first step toward success is to find out what is it that you love doing and then doing what you love. External recognition and social acknowledgement has a very short life if what you do you do not like doing.

The second step toward success is specialising in a specific area of activity of a chosen path and working hard to mastering it. You should naturally experience a continuous flow of enthusiasm and endless energy to continue learning and experimenting
in that chosen area. This attitude contrasts with the generally accepted attitude of ” to get by”. This attitude of “just getting by” is not an attitude that will lead you to where you want to go. It is unconceivable to listen to a top ATP tennis player say ” I am just getting by” or ” Oh no, Monday again!” every time he gets to the court to do that which he loves the most.

The third step toward success is the most important one. You must make sure that that which you love doing will not only contribute to your success. Your desire must not be selfish but should also benefit others along the way. The circuit must be completed for you to learn how to serve yourself by serving the world. Then all your efforts will be returned to you tenfold and will fill your cup up with unimagined satisfaction. However, should you work to your exclusive benefit, the circuit will not be completed and your success will be always threatened by the aggressiveness and fierce competence of those who wish to take your job away from you or make you fail.

Here are some suggestions that you might find worth trying:

1. Success means to live a plentiful and satisfactory life. When regardless of the results obtained, you hold peace, happiness and laughter in your heart, your life is successful.
2. Find out that which you love doing and do it. If you are not clear knowing what you love doing, ask those who know you enough to tell you the abilities and talents they see in you. Consult your intuition. Let go and let your intuition guide you. Throw away the belief that only a few can work in what they love doing.
3. Specialise in one area and continue to master it throughout your life.
4. Those who succeed do not hold back from sharing their success with others and improve their environment. Loosers thwart positive actions to help improve the workplace and contribute to the well being of the group. So do you sabotage or contribute?
5. There is no sustainable success without a serene and calmed mind.
6. A successful person has a deep understanding of self-imposed limitations of other people and supports those who honestly are in pursuit of their right to be successful.

It is of utmost importance to rescue the value of positive imagination, endurance and concentrated focus in the workplace if we really want to manage effectively the rapidly changing environment. Renewal® offers seminars that support participants in becoming aware of their personal purpose, provide a safe environment to use their untapped creative imagination and promote the use of self positive affirmation as mechanisms to overcome resistance, fears and unwillingness when pursuing that which we really want out of life.

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Marcos Cajina

Marcos Cajina


Marcos has a compelling blend of intelligence, insight, humor, and experience that supports clients bridge the difference between understanding and doing.

He brings conceptual rigour and efficient support to the learning engagement. The focus of his work is to help leaders improve performance and well-being.

A provocateur and a challenger, clients, have multiplied their effectiveness in many different ways.