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Psychologists have discovered that the relationship between people and their results is not about knowledge or opportunities but their state of mind, behaviours and emotions. Moving forward and enjoying an enriched life is easier than what you think. The first step however, is to scan your reality to see where you actually stand.

Surprisingly, many deny their reality and, so cannot start a journey to success because of their fear to find out how badly they are really doing. Furthermore, while denial is debilitating, the willingness to look at your reality is empowering. Renewal’s effective programmes are designed to support you in achieving results and well-being.

Very often we find ourselves trapped in a web of negative beliefs,perceptions, attitudes and behaviours that thwart our deepest desires for success. Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnik have discovered the following keys to assess your willingness to embark upon a remarkable journey that has the power to magically transform your life. I shall base my work with you on these simple and yet powerful keys.

  1. Honest Assessment: Be precise in describing in writing where you are in order to establish a manageable path that leads you to where you want to be.
  2. Future Vision: Give yourself permission to dream. Write down as clearly as you can how you want your future to look regarding your intention. Creating anything depends largely on your ability to focus on your goals. The clearer your goals the more likely those are attained.
  3. Specific Goals: Setting balanced short-term as well as long-term goals will help you succeed. When goals are properly laid out, the creative part of your mind will support their attainment.
  4. Easy and effective tools: It is essential to have a simple and yet powerful supportive structure to determine a clear strategy for creating the life you deserve.
  5. Willingness to take action: When willingness to act is present almost 90% of the work is already done. In life there are those who spend 90% of their energy nurturing the three roadblocks to success: blaming, justification and complaining and investing 10% in exercising the three springboards to freedom: clear intention, impeccability and ruthlessness . Others invest 10% in roadblocks and exercise 90% in springboards actions. Usually the formers are employed by the latter.

There are four clear instructions that will allow you to obtain maximum benefit:

Positive Attitude: Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts are largely controlling your life. However, you have total dominion over what you think and choose to be true.

Inner Alignment: It is essential that your intention is aligned to the four engines for willingness:

  • Attitude: Your reaction to what life presents to you. (This must be really important because it has come up several time, don’t you think?)
  • Altitude: Your ability to see things from a higher perspective.
  • Aptitude: Your ability to overcome difficulties and sort out challenges
  • Attention: Your ability to focus primarily on the positive rather than on the negative

Determination and Perseverance: You must be willing to consistently do what it takes to produce the desired results. Investing your energy on what you want, will dissipate the energy you spend in what you no longer want in your life. Does this make any sense?

Responsibility: If you learn how to take care of yourself people, information, resources, strategies and techniques will unfold before you to help you succeed.

I am thrilled to embark myself with you in this journey of self exploration and positive action. Please ask for a detailed catalog of programmes at renewalcompany.com

1. President and Academic Dean of the University of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA. To learn more, please read: Ron and Mary Hulnik Phd “Financial Freedom in 8 minutes”. Rodale Books, 1993. 2. John-Roger: “The spiritual Warrior”, Mandeville Press.1998; Introduction, page XX.

Marcos Cajina

Marcos Cajina


Marcos has a compelling blend of intelligence, insight, humor, and experience that supports clients bridge the difference between understanding and doing.

He brings conceptual rigour and efficient support to the learning engagement. The focus of his work is to help leaders improve performance and well-being.

A provocateur and a challenger, clients, have multiplied their effectiveness in many different ways.