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Emotional Regulation

Project Description

A growing body of evidence suggests that many modern ills are rooted in autonomic nervous system imbalance, specifically sympathetic over-emphasis and parasympathetic under-emphasis. There is considerable evidence and a high correlation between excessive sympathetic activity and anxiety, depression, attentional disorders, chronic muscle tension, sleep dysfunction, and hypertension leading to emotional dysregulation and cognitive impairment. We pioneer the use of Coherent Breathing and the Six Bridges in business. Our processes are scientifically researched, and executives who have followed our programmes claim to have experienced the following:

  • A boost in performance
  • Expanded flexibility and adaptation
  • Enhanced well-being and vitality
  • Improved ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Strengthened personal and professional relationships
  • Improved ability to sleep


In the shopping tab of this website, you will find CDs, books, etc., for sale. Renewal is an authorised member of the affiliate programme of CoherentBreathing.com.

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