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Competency development

Changing behaviour is harder than we would want to recognize. Achieving positive lasting change in behaviour requires overcoming the power of inertia and the resistance to initiating action.

Mastering new competencies are easier if executives combine disciplined practice with focused sacrificing of familiar routines.

Renewal designs tailored learning methods provides with the necessary scientifically validated assessment tools, facilitates insight, creates tracking of progress mechanism that sparks the willingness in the participant to sustain effort until achieving the desired lasting positive change.

Developing competency dexterity requires an efficient learning framework that builds the necessary willingness to practice. According to research, instructor-led training continues to be the accepted way of developing leaders in business. Barely 13% of organizations report using professional coaches and internal mentoring to support the development of their promising leaders.

This may be a mistake according to Kirk Lawrence Programme Director at UNC Executive Development Kenan-Flagler Business School. Research demonstrated that productivity rises 88% when adding coaching to leadership development experiences versus an increase of only 22% when programmes lack the coaching support1.

No matter what the best learning methodology is, becoming an effective new leader requires more than just polishing leadership competencies2. Growing as a leader requires working first on the inner game of leadership3. This means, understanding the physiological, emotional, mental, and subconscious dimensions of behavioural change. Moreover, the sustaining effort requires not only becoming aware of how the environment influences our decisions, and choices but to accept the power of experience has on cementing our routines.

A competent coach helps build the necessary discipline to focus and the willingness to sacrifice the behavioural habits that block progression and the learning of new competencies4. This is the Metanoia of learning or the necessary transformation of heart and mind that achieves positive lasting change5&6.

Organizations do not change without the transformation of its individuals. Just as we said the inner game runs the outer game, personal change triggers the systemic uplift necessary for the organization to shift to higher levels of performance. However, only by operating from a higher level of consciousness, the individual can influence the conversion of people and create the right environment for collective learning to occur.

Renewal uses a reliable leadership development model that highly correlates performance and effectiveness. It is from this learning model that executives learn to optimally manage their leadership polarities7 and enhance their performance and well-being.


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